Here is a list of many of our most frequently asked questions.  Feel free to contact us if you need more details or have additional questions.

LSC Board Members & Meetings

LSC Board Members & Meetings

When and where are LSC board meetings held?
Generally, LSC board meetings are held at the Livonia Legion on the second Tuesday of each month.

Can I attend an LSC board meeting?
Our LSC board meetings are open to all coaches, parents, and interested community members.

How are LSC Board Members chosen?
All LSC board members are volunteers and are elected annually during one of our board meetings.  If you are interested in joining the LSC or learning more about the volunteer opportunities we have available, please join us at our next meeting.


How can I become a coach?
Typically, we are always in need of volunteer coaches especially for our Summer Rec league.  Adults and parents in the community are allowed and encouraged to apply to become a coach whenever possible during player registration.  The LSC has board members and volunteers ready to assist any new coaches with no experience and there are many simple online courses

What requirements are there to be a coach with LSC?
At the Summer Rec level, all that is required is a lot of heart and effort.  We do highly recommend that all volunteer coaches take the online US Soccer F License coaching course, which is 2-3 hours long and gives a solid foundation of which skills and drills to teach at this level.  The cost is approximately $25 and the LSC will reimburse all coaches for the cost of this course.

If you are interested in furthering your coaching education and training so that you can continue coaching in our Fall league or on one of our RDYSL travel teams, we highly recommend taking the US Soccer E license.  The LSC will also reimburse all coaches for the cost of this course.

For more details about the different coaching levels, please visit:  https://www.ussoccer.com/coaching-education/licenses



What is/was the official age change rule?
Per US Soccer guidelines, as of January 1, 2017, all youth players are grouped by their birth year and no longer by their grade year.  This means that a player born on January 1, 2008 and a player born on December 31, 2008 will play on the same team.

Can my player “play up” at a higher age level?
In a small town such as Livonia, the number of players available at each age level varies from year to year.  Typically, the LSC does not allow players to “play up” simply because of their individual skill level.  However, if an older age team is does not have a sufficient number of players, the LSC may allow a younger player to “play up” to meet roster requirements.

Can my player “play down” at a younger age?
Due to U.S. Soccer rules, youth players are not allowed to play down at a younger age group under any circumstances.  If your player is new to the game of soccer, our coaches will do their absolute best to teach them game skills while also putting them in the best possible situation to succeed.

Can my player head the ball?
With all of the concussion issues that have come to light in recent years, many leagues have different rules regarding heading the ball.  In general, players below the U13 level are not allowed to head the ball in a game.  Please ask your coach about rules for your specific league.

Are games cancelled due to weather?
Generally speaking, games will be played if it is raining unless the conditions become unbearable or unsafe for players.  During warmer months, games or practices will be cancelled if the heat index reaches 95.  If there is thunder, games and practices will be delayed for 20 minutes from the last sound of thunder.  If a game or practice is cancelled before it begins, the LSC or your coach will send out an email notice or text message.


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