LSC Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Livonia Soccer Club
Meeting Minutes
April 19, 2017

Call to order
Dan McEnerney called to order the regular meeting of the Livonia Soccer Club at 7:07 on April 19th, 2017.

Roll call
The following persons were present: Dan McEnerney (President), Jenni McEnerney (Treasurer), Carrie Kress (Registrar), Brian LoPresto (Director of Coaching), Mark Wilson (Vice President), Dan Olver (Board Member), and Adrienne Keiffer (Secretary)
Approval of minutes from last meeting
March’s meeting minutes will be suspended until May’s meeting.
General State of the Club
a) Field Opening and Prep
a – Fields are not in terrible shape. They need to be rolled, and some spots need seed and topsoil.
b – Bids were sent in for maintenance of the fields. 4 proposals were put on the table from the following interested parties:
  1. Rich Gibson – Proposal includes rolling and mowing. Rich has no C of I. Subtotal is $5875 ($5145 + $730 for gas per 2015’s total).
  2. Terry (Pooch) VanEpps -In process of C of I. Subtotal not to exceed $6000.
  3. Cooks -Has C of I. Subtotal is $6750, but does not include gas.
  4. Finger Lakes Property Maintenance – Has C of I. Subtotal is $6800 and includes all expenses.
Motion was made to take a vote on who the club wanted for field maintenance for the 2017 season. There was a show of 17 hands for Rich Gibson, and 1 for Cooks. Rich Gibson took the majority vote, pending the securing of a C of I for the season, per the club’s suggestion. Dan McEnerney was going to talk to Steve Sessler to see what his thoughts were on the lawn care provider carrying insurance. Dan Olver was going to talk to Rich about the clubs suggestion of securing the C of I in order to be able to do the field maintenance.
c. The building is still in basically the same shape as last year, and needs a
new door.
d. A new paint machine is needed. Approximate cost for a new one is $2500.
A proposal was made by Dan Olver to purchase a new paint machine, and seconded by Dan McEnerney. Proposal passed unanimously. Mark Wilson made a motion to donate the old paint machine to the school, as they use the same kind. Motion was seconded by Jenni McEnerney. The motion passed unanimously.
b) Summer Recreation
1) The Penny Saver is being utilized for registration and flyers. Deadline for registration is May 19th.
2) At least 1 person per age group is needed to organize summer rec
3) New shirts are needed for the season.
4) Dan McEnerney suggested e-mailing U15 and older players to volunteer as coaches for summer soccer.
5) A field request is in.
New Uniforms From Givova
a) The order for the uniforms was in within the timeframe that the club said it would be in by.
b) The deadline for the uniform fees to be paid is May 1st. The fees are
available to be paid on Team Snap, along with any additional team fees.
a) Brian LoPresto suggested a Soccer Day. It would include a morning coaches clinic, multi-tiered clinic with skills and fundamentals for different age groups, and then possibly a couple of games afterward. He also suggested a picnic/cookout at the end of the day, or even a fundraising bbq. It was suggested to possibly do a donation to the local food pantry.
b) Deadline for the LSC scholarship application is May 1st. The club awards 2 x $500 scholarships; typically to 1 male and 1 female.
Dan McEnerney adjourned the meeting at 8:27.
Minutes submitted by: Adrienne Keiffer
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